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Apart from our online shop, you can find our products at L’Espace Biotonique, Rue du Ronzier 15, 1260 Nyon for direct sale. Or on our listed resellers which you’ll find on our page Sales point.


In a certified laboratory in the Vaud region..

By emailing us or better, by calling us on ’41 22 362 55 00

Yes, from 99.5% to 100% natural and partly organic (they are mentioned using an Asterisk on our packaging). We use a minimum of non-natural preservatives and the one we use is certified for organic and natural cosmetics organisation, in order to offer you a quality product while respecting our values.

The majority of our fragrances, which we use only a few products, are of natural origin, mostly from essential oils.

Yes, our Essentials range is based on the benefits of vegetable oils mixed with regulated and controlled rates of essential oils specifically chosen for their efficiency on the skin.

Each essential oil is selected for its targeted action on the skin and its effectiveness with the chosen vegetable oil. Essential oils are very beneficial if used properly and with care. Thanks to our synergies, you have a finished product that allows you to effectively treat a skin problem while nourishing it, all in a safe way.

Only benzyl alcohol or sodium benzoate, two preservatives approved in natural cosmetics. Otherwise, the Vitamin E contained in our formulations, in addition to acting as an antioxidant, also helps to preserve the products optimally.

It is not recommended to use essential oil products during the first three months of pregnancy and throughout if you are not used to them, so we follow this recommendation for our customers. That said, if you’re used to using it anyway and have never encountered a problem, do what you think is best.

FRESH and RADIANCE products can be suitable and safe for family use. It is best to avoid the application of ESSENTIALS on children under 6 years of age.

No, and we never will. The PETA logo affixed to our packaging is the guarantor of this, in Switzerland, France, all over the world.

Yes, we do tests on a minimum of 30 days and on a panel of at least 30 people as well, for all our products.

Thus, we are assured of their effectiveness, their outfit, their safety, because we want to offer you only the best. Nothing less.

We have the PETA label which guarantees products without animal origin ingredients and also guarantees that we do not test on animals. The Swisslabel label that guarantees that at least 80 of the components of our products are Swiss, from design, formulation, packaging, everything is there. The Triman label, which simply means that our products are recyclable and that we contribute financially to the recycling of them. Apart from our labels, we have above all several environmental and social commitments that we hold dear. Being a human-sized company, made up of sensitive and concerned humans, we couldn’t have such a beautiful platform without using it to do good things. A page dedicated to its commitments will soon be available on our website.


Expiry dates after opening are rated on our packaging and vary between 6 months and 12 months maximum.

Our products are designed to be sustainable and economical to use. For example, a 30ml bottle with a synergy of the Essentials range can last between 2 and 3 months, so that your use is optimal. Conservation recommendations for each product are noted when necessary.

Check your packaging carefully when you buy one of our products, the information is contained on it.

Yes, from cardboard to bottle, all our products are eco-responsible and eco-designed, because it is part of the values of Biotonique to offer you a product where the the ecological trace remains minimal and responsible.

Please email us mentioning your problem, add photos or videos so that we understand the problem and be able to analyze it. We will respond to you in a maximum of 48 hours and find the best solution for you.


If you do not receive a confirmation email within an hour of your purchase, send us an email to so we can help.

Tracking is not available for shipments to Switzerland and Europe, but in general shipments are made within 24-48 hours and the delivery time is the same.

Only if they have not been opened.

Paypal, credit cards (visa, mastercard, amex, …)


Between 24 and 48 hours for Switzerland. These delays may vary abroad because of customs duties.

Costs vary by country, we tell you on the Checkout page when you enter your address.

Yes, we use a payment and transaction security system, which translates into an S at the end of the site’s HTTP. That is,

Absolutely. And if you want to know exactly what we’re doing with it, that’s your right. Here is a list of the items for which we need to know your contact information:

Shipping, processing and returns of orders Sending customer tracking newsletter (never we will call you, only by email if necessary) Sending special offers (one-off promotions, anniversary offers,…)

NEVER do we sell or pass on your contact information to third parties. We are a company on a human scale, so the processing of your data is and will remain strictly confidential.

We can assist you by phone if you wish to order in this way.