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Ayurvedic copper bottle


In the tradition of Ayurveda, drinking from a copper container has always been done and especially in India. Copper is the first metal discovered and already in history it was recognized for many properties.
Over time, the choice of container has diversified and copper has somewhat fallen into oblivion. But recently, modern science has brought to light the benefits of this metal, recognized as the only solid material capable of killing bacteria, microbes and fungi, and bringing health benefits. This has made it possible to rediscover copper as an ideal container for the consumption of water because it purifies it naturally. And on the health side, studies have shown that copper in healthy amounts in the body helps reduce inflammation, stimulate the brain, help assimilate iron, and is generally good for the heart and other organs, especially the entire digestive system.
You can find tips and more information on the benefits of copper in our blog post on the subject!

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Ayurvedic copper bottle
It is necessary to explain how to properly use and maintain your copper bottle in order to take full advantage of its benefits.
1. Cleaning : It is important to clean the bottle well before its first use and in its long-term maintenance. There are two effective methods of cleaning the inside of your copper bottle. Here are the 2 “recipes” :
Vinegar and salt: 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of salt, 2-3 dl of water. Shake everything in the bottle, empty and rinse one last time with clean water.
Lemon and salt: Squeeze half a lemon into the bottle, add 1 tbsp of salt and 1-2dl of water. Shake everything in the bottle, empty and rinse one last time with clean water.
To clean the exterior, there are several methods, either by rubbing half of a lemon on the oxidation stains, or by mixing vinegar and salt and then applying it to the bottle by rubbing lightly. It is important to clean and dry the lid and the gasket well so that they do not get damaged and allow the bottle to be used properly.
2. Use: To allow the oligodynamic process (release of copper ions in small quantities in the water) to take place, you must fill your bottle with water 6 hours to 8 hours before drinking it . So evening is the perfect time for this, as you can leave the bottle on your nightstand and drink it straight after you wake up. The water is thus well ionized and drinking it in the morning allows the digestive system to start up and strengthens the metabolism. You can also drink the water from your bottle during your day and refill it as needed. Be careful not to put liquids that are too hot, the bottle is not insulated.
3. Intermittency: It is recommended that you do not drink water exclusively from your copper bottle. In general, it is recommended to drink the water from your bottle for 3 months, then take a 1 month break in order to let your body eliminate any potential excess copper, and then start again for 3 months, etc.

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